Do we really need another Herbalife Liftoff flavour?

The new beverage is comparable to a solid shot of coffee, which will aid the individual consuming it to stay awake and attentive, while it can also aid to make your metabolism better for a bit.

The careful blend of herbal compounds and extracts will enhance your mental processes, help you remember things sooner, and cause your brain to recuperate quicker from tiredness.

Manufactured with excellent nutrition in mind, like all Herbalife products, the new Liftoff supplies you with awesome ingredients that will make you feel better and healthy.

Reports say that most people are starting to put more and more importance on the substances that the foods and drink they take in are made of, especially when referring to sugary meals and beverages or those that contain caffeine.

With this, there is also a lot more desire for alternative solutions, natural meals and organic goods.

Statistics show that there is ever more interest (and more and more sales) for products and organic therapy in the past decade, with the development expected to keep expanding.

The Herbalife LiftOff products are already very well-known in all the areas that they are supplied in, and the firm is certain that the new flavor will be a success with people.

The awesome thing about the new LiftOff is that it suits your lifestyle wonderfully, regardless of who you are or how physically dynamic you are. It includes no calories, which is something that is very rare, if not unique, among refreshing beverages.

With only 15 calories and zero sugar, this effervescent energy product aids an active, on-the-go way of life in a practical and simple effervescent tablet.

Are you a new mother? Here are some tips for both new mothers and regular women from 2 of Herbalife’s most skilled health professionals and exercise specialists, Samantha Clayton and Susan Bowerman, on how you can stay on top of your game, day in day out.

A good day starts with a suitable meal. See some ideas at

A busy routine frequently leads to forgotten or unhealthy foods. Try to initiate the day with a nutritious breakfast, as it will inspire you to eat properly for the duration of the day,

A smart idea is to start the day with a combo of proteins and carbs – a dish that will help you feel full and light until your next mid-day break.

A perfect way to start the day is with a Herbalife Formula 1 shake – it packs a lot of protein, and you can put in some fruit to it to make it even healthier.

Consider of what you want to achieve, and set it down accurately

Youngsters are full of energy, and can be a challenge – the healthier and in better shape you are, the more vitality and perseverance you will have for them.

Set an individual objective; do you want to be stronger, faster or have more endurance, or do you simply want to improve your energy level by being active?

Just make certain to set a precise objective for yourself, and to write it down. Once you have it on paper, it will be much simpler to reach.

Pack a meal for yourself.

If your days are very active, you will probably have small nibbles during the day, and forget to have a real, healthy meal.

You are surely making things for the children, so why don’t you make something for yourself as well?

When there’s something wholesome to enjoy waiting for you, you’ll be less likely to turn to the unsuitable foods when you’re hungry and tired.

Reward yourself to a fitness gadget or app.

We hope you used our earlier suggestions – preparing a target you wish to accomplish. Now, let’s find a way to measure your path to it.

Investing in a simple device such as a pedometer or heart rate monitor may help keep you enthusiastic and allow you to celebrate your improvements.

If you are still unwilling to break the bank, check out some complimentary programs that will work on your smart phone. There are plenty, both for Android and iPhone.

Organize your next dish – while you are making this one

Whenever you are about to prepare your next meal, take some additional ingredients and get the next day’s one prepared as well.

When you are cutting tomatoes or lettuce, try to take a few more than you need, so that your next lunch or dinner will be quicker to prepare.

Groceries that are rich in protein can be prepared in advance in the similar way.

Tonight dinner is tuna – the next day’s meal can be a perfect tuna fish salad.

Take some company with you.

Having something active to look forward to with a friend will help keep you on track with your fitness plan.

With so many different activities to consider, just think about what you enjoy most.

Make it an occasion to do something worthwhile with people you are friends with – sitting and talking are not the only way to spend time.

Small breaks.

If you have some brief gaps during your chaotic day, try to include some simple exercises. Regardless of how small they are, it is a lot better to do something than just sit around.

Each second counts when it comes to getting fit and reducing your stress level and with so many small workouts on line to choose from you have no excuses.

Always keep a good reserve of food in the pantry.

Eating healthy is much easier if you constantly have something good to eat available.

They’re just as nutritionally beneficial as fresh, and super-practical.

Be bold when arranging your surplus food. Fresh fruits can make fantastic drinks, excess beef can go into salads, and veggies into sauces.

Cook and shop family-style.

Instead of you being the only one responsible for purchasing and preparing dishes, involve your spouse and children.

Not only does it make your tasks easier, but spending time with each other while cooking meals is a wonderful time to talk as a group about the benefits of a healthy diet.

Set apart time for yourself.

By ‘OM’ we mean yoga, stretching, breathing and reflection.

Make it a practice to set apart a few minutes before you go to rest, or when you feel the day is overwhelming you.

It’s fantastic how refreshing taking five deep breaths can be, especially when little ones are testing your patience.

Move around a bit before you go to sleep – you will rest better and wake up feeling more rejuvenated.

“Tension and inactivity are two health risk factors that you can make a conscious effort to remove from your life. So for Mother’s Day this year give yourself the gift of health all year long,” concluded Clayton.

Ronaldo now has his own drink – and it is made by Herbalife

Herbalife, the world renowned nutrition company, and the international soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo, revealed today that they have prepared a new supplement together – an awesome sports beverage by the name of CR7 Drive.

Herbalife Unveils New Sports Drink with Global Soccer Star Cristiano Ronaldo.

A shared and long standing cooperation exists between the two sides, with the latest energy sports drink being just the most recent example of what they plan to realize together.

Herbalife has been dedicated to the player both on and off the pitch as part of its multi-year understanding with Ronaldo, and CR7 Drive was developed to optimize his abilities and handle his unique nutritional needs.

“Cristiano Ronaldo takes nutrition very seriously and acknowledges how a suitable diet in combination with choice nutrients can assist to boost his abilities,” said Michael Johnson, chairman and CEO, Herbalife.

“We developed CR7 Drive specifically for and with Ronaldo, but his requirements are not all that different from the everyday needs of any other athlete or fitness aficionado, and we are thankful to make CR7 Drive readily available to athletes at all levels.”

“Herbalife understands how important nutrition is for my abilities,” stated Cristiano Ronaldo, forward for Real Madrid C.F.

He announced what a fulfilling and awesome experience working with Herbalife’s specialists was, and was very pleased with the union he formed with the firm. He is thrilled for athletes all around the world to understand just how much proper nutrition can help improve their ability.

The motivation for the new product was to improve the standard sports beverage by making it offer more power and energy during physical exertion, and to do so without the addition of any synthetic components.

Light flavored and relaxing, it will help athletes refuel and rehydrate prior to and during training.

It supplies carbs for power and substitutes what is usually lost in sweat including key electrolytes.

This amazing new drink is a fantastic option for any sort of sports training that gets your heart rate going – martial arts, basketball, marathon… no matter the level at which you do it, either competitively or recreationally.

The entire assortment of H24 solutions has been continuously examined for banned components, and is approved for use by both hobbyists and competitive athletes.

A crew of Herbalife specialists works with Ronaldo to assist him to improve his everyday nutrition and offer expert suggestions on how he could increase his overall performance with targeted and purposeful supplementation. It was in this collaboration that CR7 Drive was produced.

Some Information About the Organization:

Since 1980, Herbalife has assisted millions around the world live healthier and more active lives with their assortment of great solutions.

The company is most famous for its weight reducing solutions and products, but has also designed a whole range of items that help with individual and skin care, sports performance and energy levels. All products are obtainable only through certified Herbalife members, in more than 90 international locations around the world.

One of the main goals of Herbalife is to eliminate the global problem of obesity and poor eating habits, by giving customers and users direct assistance from its members, as well as involving them in a team that will help them to lead more healthy and active lifestyles.

They maintain the Herbalife Family Foundation (HFF) and its Casa Herbalife projects to help bring ideal nourishment to children in need.

Many of the planet’s leading athletes and sports clubs use Herbalife solutions to help their members achieve the best results in their own fields.

Nearly 8 thousand people work for the company in offices around the globe, with its shares being sold on Wall Street.

To find out more visit or

About Cristiano Ronaldo:

Only a small number of select athletes go beyond their sport to become mainstream celebrities.

He is one of the greatest among these very few

Ever since he was just a young boy playing for Sporting Lisbon, to today when he is known as one of the best players ever to grace a soccer field, he has earned a great deal of accolades that most other can only think about.

And he shows no indications of slowing down.

Known the world over for his blistering speed and deadly eye for goal, he has become a pivotal figure in modern football.

Nevertheless, this worldwide success has come at the cost of much hardship.

When he was a little more than a child, he left his parent’s house in Portugal and moved to the big town to fulfill his dream of playing professional football.

Soon, it was clear that Ronaldo was a future superstar, and his amazing speed and ball control ability was holding onlookers and managers in awe.

One such admirer was Sir Alex Ferguson, whose Manchester United side came calling in 2003.

With the guidance of one of the game’s greatest trainers, Alex Ferguson, he improved further to become the icon that he is now.

In six seasons at Old Trafford, he scored over 110goals, and gathered a spectacular nine domestic and international trophies.

With his contribution, Man Utd became the greatest team of that period.

This was just a stepping stone for the star, as he was still to go on to achieve even more greatness with another team.

He also had the recognition of being the head of his national team, and was picked as captain.

He shattered the global transfer record when he moved to Madrid.

As the talisman of a Galácticos side frequently packed with the game’s best talents, Cristiano has reached the pinnacle of the game.

He is the only player to be named World Player of the year on three individual instances, is the top scorer in the history of the Champions league, the best scorer in the history of Real Madrid and has won countless titles in all the contests he has played.

The only individual in football to have won the prize for most goals in Europe on four instances is our very own Herbalife competitor – Ronaldo!